Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Martian Bear Day!

The red planet rises:

Iron Brigade (formerly Trenched) was one of my favorite games of last year. No surprise really since it came from one of my favorite design studios Double Fine. It is a shooter-tower defense hybrid that has more character than the average 5-6 games combined. Even better, its co-op is shit tons of fun to play. Martian Bear is the first paid DLC for Iron Brigade and I hope not the last. It is safe to say, that with my computer blown up at the moment some tubes are gonna die tonight.
Also on the XBLA front.  Bastion is the Xbox Deal of the week and is 50% off. I recently got this game and am about halfway through. The world is beautifully illustrated and well realized. Plus the narrator is just too fantastic to miss.  At $7.50 it is a steal of a game. I heartily recommend it.   

Finally, Double Fine also released today a new game for Kinect, Happy Action Theater. I don't have a Kinect so can't recommend it off of firsthand knowledge, but at this point I haven't met a Double Fine game I didn't like so I'm just going to stick it in the "must buy" column. If you have kids this game looks especially awesome.

Trailers for Bastion and Happy Action Theater below the break.


Happy Action Theater:

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