Thursday, September 16, 2010

TGS = Bliss

The Tokyo Game Show began today and it has already given me all that I need.   If video game news could be compressed into tasty morsels of pure sustenance; Team Ico and Level 5 have provided announcements that would render me fully capable of surviving an entire winter.   That, my friends, is nourishment.

The first bit is sort of three items all wrapped up with a single, precious, Team Ico bow.  Team Ico officially announced that they will be releasing a high-definition rerelease of their two games -- Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.  If you have never played either of these games you owe it to yourself to give them a try.  They are video gaming as an art form.  I know no way to describe it other than both these games make you feel.  That right there is something incredible in a media whose complexity typically mirrors the latest Michael Bay flick.  Needless to say I will be purchasing and loving these immediately upon their release.

Not to be outshone by past accomplishments the team also previewed a new trailer for their next game, The Last Guardian.   As one article I read mentioned, there is a large probability that these jerks are going to make this big softy cry.

The second bit of awesome is a new trailer for Level 5's game Ni no Kuni (Another World).   Why exactly is this awesome you may ask?  Because Miyazaki's, Studio Ghibli is providing the art and story.  The fact that I will get to explore and play in a Studio Ghibli world, is one of the most exciting dork moments I can dream of.   It doesn't hurt any that Level 5 seems to be absolutely nailing their rendering of the Ghibli concepts.   The trailer speaks for itself.

See?  I speak no lies.   That is some epically awesome shit right there.

Thanks to these releases I finally have a reason to fire up my poor dusty PS3 again.   I'll keep my eyes on the rest the TGS coverage.   Who knows maybe something else cool is lurking in the shadows of its flickering neon.

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